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For the woman in Business who is craving financial Freedom!

August 27 topic: Increase Her Income Ceiling

Question for Ambitious Women Ready to Transform Their Financial Destiny:

What if you could rewrite your financial story with confidence, effortlessly attracting abundance and stepping into your true financially liberated self?

You can. 

And now is the to unlock the Alignment.

"YES Cory! I want to unlock it and erase the hidden limits holding me back so i can hit $10k, $20k or even $50k months in My business!"

The issue is simple to solve, yet keeps 95% of people are stuck and frustrated.

That's because it's all HIDDEN to us, even the super intuitive and smartie pants ;-)

Limits to hitting financial goals are held in the subconscious mind. 

When we have repeating experience of a financial upper limit, it can be frustrating, unnerving, and add doubt leaving you wondering if it is really possible to hit your financial goals.

But it is possible to hit your financial targets. 

We see other people do it all day long, so why not you?

We think of Financial Freedom as just a wish, I used to think that way.

 That's when I realized I had hit my upper of $45,000 per year, I knew something was blocking me.

No matter what I tried, my income would literally stop when I got to $45,000.  

When I discovered how to erase the subconscious limit that was blocking me, I created $8,500 the very next month and went on to have 5 figure months in my new business, tipping over $100k for the year.  

And this was my first year in my new business.

Some of the unconscious blocks were:
 - Generational 
 - In my mindset
 - In my self worth
 - In my belief about being a hard worker

Ultimately, they were in my identityI was being someone who had financial limits.
It's all I knew!

That was hard to admit to myself, but it was true.

When I tell you that your limit is a pattern hidden in your subconscious that can be removed, I am living proof.  As are many of my clients...

😍 Sandy, was at a limit of receiving $5500/month, and her income skyrocketed to $15,000 after removing her subconscious patterns.

😍 Karen was ranging around $11,000/month, and she added 2 new passive income streams bring in her to over $20k monthly without working more.

😍 Megan was stagnant at $4k/monthly and ended the year with $111,000 going all in on herself.

Now, this is NOT a magic pill.

I do not offer a magical clearing that will fix you.

NOOOOO That sh*t doesn't work, and I would advise you to stop thinking it works like that.

The magical unicorn didn't come to bless me with the one clearing to change it all.

I didn't hope and wish it to be different.

The process I've created allows you to see WHAT is blocking you, WHO you're being, WHY it's there and HOW you can erase it and step into financial abundance.

This actually empowers your conscious mind so that you can make DIFFERENT CHOICES instead of being stuck in under the financial ceiling.

This process is not for those who want to tell the story of how bad they have it.

This Series is for you if you're ready to make the necessary changes within you that will put you into alignment with financial abundance.

 so that you can hit your next financial goal, And become free of financial constraints.

You likely already know that this change must come from within, and have probably tried so many things already.

But if that change hasn't happened yet, then they're missing the 1 element that will create the financial success you're seeking,.

And each time that happens another frustration gets installed....

"Can it really work for me?"

Yes, woman it can!

The Financially Free Woman series contains the secrets to erasing the 8 most common subconscious limits that plague really smart and intuitive women.

After paying off ALL of $150,000 of debt plus creating over $7 million in revenue, I'm sharing with you the processes that worked for me and my clients to bust through hidden financial blocks so that you can be on your way to experiencing financial abundance.

The Financially Free Woman Series will lead you through my PACE framework where you will:
 - Identify the hidden pattern and limit.
 - Erase it.
 - Consciously repattern for financial abundance.
We will do all of this in about 90 minutes for each limit.
And then there is homework for you to install the pattern into your identity.

You'll leave each session holding the key!

When our mind understands the bigger picture, and you really see why you've been at this financial ceiling, it will be a relief.

Because you'll then know how to repattern your mind into your new identity.

You're going to feel so empowered and know exactly what to do next to increase your financial limit.

Here's how it works

In order to craft your new financially free identity we need to erase and recode the top 8 financial limitations. You'll deep dive into your WHO, WHAT & HOW so that we energetically and consciously reset to a higher financially level.

When you don't get all 8 of these limits you will keep tripping up on them.

Each session has a subconscious limitation, the PACE process to recode, future self now activation session and an assignment to lock it in.

Unlock Your Current Financial Ceiling 🚀

Financial ceilings exist at all levels, and the way though it not another tactic, quick fix or lottery ticket.  It's aligning your identity to ABOVE your current ceiling.  Break the glass and experience who you are as a woman who is financially free.
- Ready in the members area now!

Normalize consistent Revenue 🚀

Inconsistent revenue can be a trauma response or an energetic addiction.  The ups and downs, feel good then bad, feel relief then stress.  These ups and downs are connected to your nervous system, so let's reset to that consistent revenue, cash days, consistent money is NORMAL.
- Live Session Sept 10

 Erase Fear of success...insert success for fun 🚀

Imagine having fun on your way to creating financial freedom success?
Imagine it's delightful, joyous and activates confidence within you!
For many who desire financial freedom, they associate fear with success.  Let's recode your identity so that you naturally have fun being successful!
- Live session Sept 17

Create a sexy AF relationship with money 🚀

Your relationship with money shows up in your ability to have financial freedom. If your relationship is lacking, or perhaps if money was your sexy partner, would you be having hot AF sex or are you going through a dry spell?  Let's recode your identity to have the hot & steamy intimacy so that you can easily be with money in a whole new way.
 - Live session October 1

Elevate Financial Self Worth 10x 🚀

To embody being financially free means to elevate self worth. How about lets elevate your self worth 10x?  What would that mean to you?
What would you be choosing?
How would you feel?
All of these aspects help you get into the right vibration for freedom!
- Live Session October 8

Be the most financially abundant in your lineage 🚀

It's amazing how many limits we find having to do with family and linage.  This session will focus on erasing the cords, connections, restrictions and shame around being financially abundant, and the most financially abundant one in your lineage. 
- Live session October 22

Activate the Vortex of having plenty of money 🚀

Having plenty is a vibe!  It's a way of being, and engaging with life.  A vortex is created that magnatizes income, clients, revenue to you.  When you're functioning from plenty, there is never worry, or stress, because you know that you've set yourself up to always have plenty. The limits that block this are stress, worry, scarcity and lack.  Let's erase those!
- Live session October 27

 Becoming Financially Savvy 🚀

Women who are financially free are financially savvy.  This session is dedicated to erasing the patterns, beliefs and conditioning that indicates you're bad with money, can't manage it, don't know what to do with it and you'll install a new identity of knowing exactly how to gain the skill and resources you require with having financial freedom.
- Live Session November 18

August 27 topic: 

Increase Her Income Ceiling 🚀


What's Included:
 - 90 Minute sessions
 - PACE Process worksheet
 - Future Self Activation
 - Recording - this process works live or via recording

Live Sessions Start:
🇺🇸 USA: Wednesday Aug 27 4pm Pacific
🇦🇺 AU: Thursday Aug 28, 9am AEST
🌎 Global times 
Sessions are every other week.

The process works live or via the recording.  You just have to take 90 minutes to do the process. 

Having a recurring income ceiling is frustrating and it seems like no matter what you do, you cannot move forward to hit your goals.

In this session you will uncover the hidden identity blocks that:
 - Keep you from easily increasing your income to your desired flow.
 - Make it seem like you are doing all the right things, but not seeing the results
 - Generational financial realities running your life.

You'll complete the session knowing the exact process to increase your income ceiling!

Finally say goodbye to hitting that financial ceiling and have your breakthrough?


today, upgrade your identity:
What is keeping your financial limit in place
WHO you are being
WHY it's there and 
HOW you can erase it and step into financial abundance.

This Series will be sold for $997 USD

22 @ $222 SOLD OUT
Next 29 @ $297 USD


After working with Cory I was able to create $10,000 to leave a toxic marriage.  I could not have done it without this process. - Jenny

I was trying to get my business going but was really struggling.  I thought I was not working hard enough, but the thing that changed it was removing the identity blocks.  Now I believe in myself and my business is thriving! - Tracey

Knowing I need to trust myself and actually doing it are 2 totally different things.  This process allowed me to step in and create new neural pathways so that I could effectively trust myself in making big moves in my life so that I can be financially free. - Joanna

Hi, I'm Cory Michelle
There is an epidemic of 40+ women who have subconscious blocks when they truly desire financial freedom.  

I'm here to help change this so that spiritual and intuitive women can finally reset their consciousness to a higher level and be financially free.

When we are constrained by hidden patterns, it's difficult to see what's stopping you.  But with my P.A.C.E. process for recoding the subconscious mind, you can not only find the reason why you've been stuck, but you can repattern it.

The amazing thing is that the process works because YOU work.  

We've all had trauma, and identity blocks, but now there is a way out so that you can truly live financially free.

Note: The Financially Free Woman series is not about how to make money, and does not guarantee that you will make money, and will not show you how to make money.  We will also not try and sell you into any MLMs or Network marketing schemes.  This series is about shifting your mindset, energetics, and identity so that it will be easier to be aware of and make aligned choices that lead you to receiving the financial flow you desire.  

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